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Minis for Trade!


I hope some people out there are still looking for minis! Here's my list of extras that I have for trade:

Circus Ari
Getting Ghostly Ari
Pattern Clawdeen
Sports Catrine
Sleepover Catrine (2)
Space Twyla
Power Ghouls Twyla (3)
Space Abbey (3)
Sleepover Frankie (2)
Sports Lagoona (2)
Beach Clawdeen (2)
Getting Ghostly Rochelle (3)
Fruit Venus
Beach Venus
Geek Shriek Draculaura (2)
Geek Shriek Twyla
Glow in the dark Draculaura
Beach Draculaura
Gem Draculaura
Fruit Deuce

And here's my ISO list!:

Any Halloween minis except Frankie
All Electrified minis
Mermaid Lagoona
Original Ghouls Clawdeen, Catrine, Moanica, Twyla, & Deuce
Circus Catrine
Power Ghouls Draculaura and Lagoona
Candy Ghouls Frankie and Twyla
Fruit Ghouls Draculaura
Gem Ghouls Ari
Beach Ghouls Moanica
Rag Doll Ghouls Frankie
Sleepover Ghouls Ari
Pattern Ghouls Catty
Teddy Bear Ghouls Ari
Sporty Monsters Clawdeen

Do you only accept trades, or would you take some kind of payment as well? I don't have any to trade that you want, sadly. Also, do you include the lockers?

Definitely willing to sell as well! If you can use PayPal, we can work it out! Sadly no, on the lockers.

I don't have paypal, but i have a friend who has purchased on my behalf before, i'll have to ask them.

Okay! PM me whenever. :)


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