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MH for sale! Added Collector's Draculaura + Open to offers


Hi everyone,

I've been out of the MH loop for a while and I'm going to sell a part of my collection (not that it was big to start with ;) )

I'm open to offers too, since I'm a bit clueless about prices :) MH is more expensive in Europe, so I took that as an indication...

Shipping is from the Netherlands.

Here's my list of what I'm going to sell.

Collector's edition Draculaura - MIB 65

- Nefera de Nile (wave 1) 30

- Wave 1 Spectra 23
Has original stand, brush and diary

- Twyla 18 - Has her diary and cardboard back

- Skull Shores Draculaura 10

- Nefera de Nile Fakie 5

Deuce 10

Haunted Spectra (eyeshadow version) 23 - complete

Bloodgood loose 9

Catherine de Mew Scaris version (complete) 24

EAH Hunter With stand etc 17

Fakie 10

not pictured yet:
Boo York Deuce & Cleo (complete with diaries, cardboard back from packaging etc) 40
Batsy Claro (complete) 30
Gigi Grant (13 Wishes) complete 25
EAH Cupid (signature) 24 (if I can find her)

Londoom Catty Noir stock - 7
Gilda Goldstag stock 10

I also have a ton of MLP for sale,
Store page here:

Thanks for looking! :)

Added Collector's Draculaura. I am going to add a lot of custom clothing in the future too :)


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