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How do I attach or post pictures? I thought the option would be under 'Attachments and other options' but that only shows 'notify me of replies ', 'don't use smileys' and 'return to this topic.' I see a little icon of Mona Lisa but that doesn't work either. Help a ghoul out! :)

Insert image, which is the little Mona Lisa you see, brings up the code.  It's [ img] [ /img] but without the spaces.  Just put the URL of the image between that code.

Thank you! I'm still not sure what type if it's for a picture from my phone.

We don't host images here, so you cannot add a photo directly from your phone or PC.  You'll need to first upload your photos to an image hosting site such as Flickr, and then post the links to your images here.

We have a great topic on image hosting services here:,13714.msg278581.html#msg278581

Ok! I have a Tumblr I can try to post from. Thank you both!


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