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Mini-Challenge #1: Black and White (Deadline extended)

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The First Unofficial Photochallenge for Draculaura's Dark Room will be:

Black and White

Theme Details
Picture must rely heavily on Black and White imagery.
You can shoot in black and white or dress your doll and his/her surrounds in black and white, or whatever.
Interpretation is up to you, as long as the Black and White theme is apparent.

Must include 3 of the following:

Submission Details
Your focal figure(s) must be a fashion doll (any brand)
3 Entries allowed per person
Only post submissions in this thread (if you have a question, PM it to me and I'll answer and add your question to the FAQ)
  Keep the picture to a manageable size
This may not need to be said, but keep it tasteful, no dolly nudity or graphic depictions

When does it end?
Friday, September 28, 2018 - 12 PM CST

What happens next?
All the Submissions are gathered, a new thread is created with a poll, and everyone votes on their fave picture.

What happens if I win?
You'll get a graphic of some sort, maybe a signature button or banner, or an avatar if you prefer.
You'll also get to decide the theme of the next challenge.

Any more questions remember to PM me since this'll be our trial run :D

Both entries contain an Animal (bunny), Shoes, and a Feather.

Entry #1 - DogMom
2018 Monster High Arena Mini-Challenge #1 - Black & White - Entry #1 from DogMom by Lisa, on Flickr

Entry #2 - DogMom
2018 Monster High Arena Mini-Challenge #1 - Black & White - Entry #2 from DogMom by Lisa, on Flickr

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Sweet Bats:
I'm so glad this got extended, the move has been hectic and we lost internet on Friday and only just now got it back! I threw together a little something, it's not my best effort but I wanted to make sure I got something in to show that I am truly interested!

I also misread and didn't see the "note" part, thought it just said "letter" and thought I was being clever. Ooops. Maybe I can get time to do a third entry correctly.


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Vote Open 'til Monday 10/01/2018








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