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Author Topic: Mercari Issues  (Read 716 times)

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Mercari Issues
« on: September 11, 2018, 12:38:48 PM »
I don't like making another topic here so soon after my last, but I need to vent.

I recently found out Mercari was a thing, and was surprised at the dolls that were listed on there, usually for reasonable prices. I saw a seller list multiple small doll lots I was interested in, and messaged her asking if she would combine the listings to save on shipping, and if she'd take a bulk price, which she accepted. She created a customized listing, reuploaded the photos of the lots I wanted, listed it for our agreed upon price, and I purchased it. I asked her to hold off on shipping for a few days since I was moving that Sunday and wanted to ensure it arrived at the new place after I was there to collect it (of course, didn't want it to get stolen off the porch, nor was I keen on chancing having it sent to my mom's and hope it showed up before I left, then having to have my mom ship it or one of us drive 2.5 hours to get it in my possession. She agreed to this, and it showed up yesterday, just after my move finished.

If you're unfamiliar with Mercari, payment is held until receipt of the package and contents are confirmed by the buyer, so I always immediately open the package to make sure everything is good so the seller can get their money ASAP. When she relisted it, she used one photo from a lot that cut off two of the dolls, and I couldn't remember what one of them was, so I was looking forward to seeing the "mystery doll", as I was setting the dolls out to ensure everything was as expected. The first non-pictured doll I pulled out was a Catrine, which didn't jog my memory at all, but I figured it must have been correct. Then I kept pulling out dolls I never ordered.

The part of the lot I was most excited about, which contained a Clawdia, Bloodgood, Nefera, Howleen, and Wydowna, was not in the box. I was instead sent a lot of some of the first wave dolls, which are of course nice, but not what I paid for. There was also a Catty, which I think is what I actually ordered, but I honestly don't remember at this point. I contacted the seller to let her know of the mistake, and that if she sent me the correct ones, I'd send the first wave back to her. At that point I noticed a listing placed two days after I bought from her, with the dolls I ordered from her, plus a Djinni and a newer Cleo, that was sold to someone else. I relayed this to the seller, and of course at this point I'm just incredibly upset that I paid for these dolls and she went and sold them to someone else after taking my money.

Last night, I contacted Mercari support with as much info as possible, since after 3 days they will automatically release my payment to her and I wanted to see what my options were. The seller reached out to the other buyer, who is, understandably, refusing to send that package back for a refund. I'm of course upset because I pretty much end up the loser no matter what happens. Mercari does not allow partial refunds, so my options are:
A) Seller issues a refund, I send everything back, end up with no dolls
B) I accept the order as is/let it time out, paying for something I didn't order, while the seller gets paid twice for one listing, then I have to deal with trying to sell the unwanted dolls which I don't think would cover the cost of individually buying the dolls I should have received, which can reach upwards of $100 total given the rarity of some of them.
C) Mail the unwanted dolls back to her and hope that she would issue a partial refund on her own, given that it would be taking place outside of any support scope so no one could help me if she doesn't pay me back.

She's been continuing to message me asking what she needs to do, and I told her that I've contacted support and am waiting on their response. She was told this twice already, and after the second time, she canceled the order on her own, telling me she canceled it and is thinking the best thing to do would be for her to lower the price and me to rebuy it at the lower price. While this is a reasonable suggestion, I'm livid because now I've received a full refund for an order that I (as far as Mercari is concerned) received, and now it's on me to pay her again. I told her I was waiting on support's response, as they act as the mediators and obviously know how best to handle these situations, and now I end up looking like a scammer for not paying her for the order. She's messaging me a lot now, asking what I want to do about it, and I'm just so frustrated because she keeps making this messier and messier and making the whole situation worse for me when I did nothing wrong. I confirmed that the new listing had the right images, I paid her, I contacted support and waited patiently when an issue was determined; she messed up the listing and sold my items to someone else, she gave me a full refund without having a plan for the next steps.

I was really looking forward to those dolls, I know that it's such a ridiculous thing to be upset about given the state of the world, and even what day it is today, but I can't help but be frustrated with the whole situation. Stuff like this seems to constantly happen to me despite my best efforts to be a fair, honest, and trustworthy person, and I continuously get stolen from, scammed, and cheated in so many aspects of my life. Dolls are supposed to be my escape from the negativity in my life, not contribute to it.

Edit: So she's started following me on Mercari and continuing to message me, threatening to contact Support (ironic imo), and I've just been letting it happen since I knew they'd reply to me soon. Got a reply this morning (the following day) basically saying that they agree that a full refund was necessary (despite me not asking for it and me receiving the bulk of the order correctly). I notified her of this and she's planning to contact them herself (and I also replied to them asking what they would have suggested had she not gone and issued the refund on her own), but I'm not sure how well it's going to go over for her, since she relisted already-purchased items and provided a refund with no outside prompting. I think she's aware that it's not going to go well for her given that she's asking me to pay a lower price before she contacts Support, so I just let her know that I'm waiting on our respective Support responses before moving forward. I certainly feel bad that she's out the cost of the 5 lots but it was due to her own actions, and while I probably will end up taking her up on the lowered amount she suggested, everything is leaning toward me not being obligated to do this.
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Re: Mercari Issues
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2018, 10:23:40 PM »
Holy cow!  I mean really, who even does that?!  :annoyed:

I am so sorry that she's putting you through this, Simply.  I really hope that Support helps get this sorted out and that they do rule in your favor.
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