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It's official :cry:

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The end of an era.

Fairy Tale Man:
Iím not surprised. The writing was on the wall.

I am surprised Monster High is still going on. I havenít seen any product anywhere...

Talia AlGhul:
I read it today on Instagram. And even though it wasn't a big surprise, I'm sad about it... :cry:

Nothing we didn't really know, it's a bit odd that they're claiming MH is alive and well, though. My local Walmarts don't have any MH anymore, my local Targets and Fred Meyers are only carrying dolls that have been out for awhile, and the Tea Party and Howling Hoodies lines never showed up anywhere. Pretty sure MH is dead too, even if they won't admit it.

I'm hoping them saying MH is still alive means they're going to get out those lines we were promised, like howling hoodies.
A shame about EAH but perhaps it closing down means they have more resources to put toward MH? Hopefully.


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