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Reminder: Sales Threads & Etiquette


Hello everyone!
Our poor mods are being worked to the bone tidying up sales threads here!

Please remember:
If you have multiple items to sell or auction off, please use one post for everything. Do not make multiple posts for each individual thing. As a rule of thumb, you are allowed one post/page, so please wait until your first post drops or is no longer accurate before making a new post.

Also: "Type-speak" is not allowed
This community also includes members who's first language may not be English. They may be using translators and we don't want to isolate anyone. If you don't know what "type-speak" is, here is an example: "4 Sale- 3 S3a D011z 4 1 d0llar!" Please do not "shout" at fellow members - this means refrain from using all capitals.

If you do not follow these rules your thread may totally disappear...

Thank you!


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