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Author Topic: Lhia's Wanted List  (Read 472 times)

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Lhia's Wanted List
« on: October 14, 2017, 11:10:07 PM »
Current Status: Selectively buying -- please see below.

Conditions for purchasing:
☆ I am not a MIB only collector. All of my dolls end up displayed out of their boxes, and dolls that I purchase MIB are only purchased as such to ensure the best condition possible. If a doll can be removed from its box to save on space and postage, please let me know.
☆ I prefer complete sets (doll with all items/clothing/accessories) but also am interested in JUST stock sets (clothes with accessories as applicable).
☆ I am interested in bait dolls, provided that they still have their limbs. Damaged face-ups, eye wonk, glue head, haircuts, etc. are all acceptable for bait-level dolls.
☆ I have feedback on eBay, as well as here on the Arena, and will happily provide proof via PM upon request.
I live in Australia. However, I have friends and family located in the USA, so if you only ship within the USA, I can give you the address of one of my relatives to act as a middleman.
☆ I always am always willing to pay for tracked and insured parcels, particularly when they are coming from overseas. I also prefer to have dolls sent in boxes rather than tough bags, but padded envelopes, or tough bags with bubblewrap inside around the doll are also fine! I know that my location tends to increase shipping costs, but I am happy to pay it, and prefer insured shipping. Please quote shipping costs accordingly (I will send my post code via PM as necessary).
☆ Due to the high cost of shipping, I generally prefer to buy multiple dolls at once.

Wanted List
Wishlist items are divided by the type of item. Stars indicate in which state I prefer to buy them:
For items with a red star, new without box is acceptable; all items should be included from the original.
For items with a blue star, I am open to buying stock only (clothes without the doll).
For items with a green star, I am open to buying the doll(s) only (no clothes, just the nude doll).

Some items may be listed with more than one star colour. For these dolls, I am would be interested in any of these options for that particular release! Dolls and items in bold italics are my highest priorities at the moment. I will buy other dolls or items on my list especially as a part of lots, or with the dolls which are high priority.

MIB / Full Sets
MIB: All items included in box, unopened. Box can be damaged, but prefer for doll to be in pristine condition with minimal wonk-eye. Glue seepage is fine, since that generally canít be determined without opening the box up.

Full Set: Doll includes all stock (stand where possible); brushes and diaries need not be included for these sales, but are appreciated. I prefer dolls with minimal wonk-eye, but am not concerned about glue seepage/box hair.

Boo York, Boo York - Astranova (navy variant; doll only, no playset)
Boo York, Boo York - Cleo de Nile
Dragon Games - Poppy o'Hair
Geek Shriek - Catty Noir
Geek Shriek - Abbey Bominable
Ghoul Fitness - Catrine de Mew
Ghoul Fitness - Venus McFlytrap
I ♥ Shoes - Cleo de Nile
I ♥ Shoes - Draculaura
New Scaremester - Catty Noir
New Scaremester - Gigi Grant
New Scaremester - Twyla
Picture Day - Cleo de Nile
TriCastleOn - Cerise Hood
TriCastleOn - Lizzie Hearts
Spring Unsprung - Cerise Hood
Way Too Wonderland - Raven Queen (doll only, no playset)
Way Too Wonderland - Kitty Cheshire

Play Sets / Display Components
Mostly only want individual pieces from playsets, rather than full sets.

EAH/MH Stands: any colour is fine, clip-style is preferred, but I will also buy saddle-style if youíre selling them as a part of a bulk lot/with other stands. I prefer to buy bulk lots to save on shipping.
EAH/MH Food or Drink Items

Stock Only
Doll need not be included, only the clothing, shoes and accessories from that release. Full sets preferred, but will buy individual items in some cases (this is mostly dependent upon shipping costs, but I am trying to find a few missing odds and ends).

13 Wishes / Signature Gigi Grant's small gold lamp
Coffin Bean Abbey Bominable's Drink
Freak du Chic - Honey Swamp's Poster/Swap Card
Gloom Beach Clawdeen Wolf's Sunglasses and Shoes
Tights, socks or stockings from MH or EAH doll lines (or off-brand pieces/handmade pieces that will fit)

Fashion Packs
Pretty self-explanatory. Includes fashion packs from non-MH doll releases.

None at this time.

Nude dolls are fine. Please ensure that dolls have their limbs still attached. Damages to face-ups are fine, as are various levels of haircut/glue seepage/frizzing.

Kiyomi Haunterly - Head optional
C.A.M. Doll Parts (Currently looking for Harpy and Mummy)
Venus McFlytrap - any release
Rochelle Goyle - any release

Non MH Items:
Dolls and toys that don't belong to MH or EAH lines.

Novi Stars - Novi Vasion Anne Arctic
Novi Stars - Novi Vasion Ina Ferna
Novi Stars - Orbit Beach Ari Roma
Sasha by Groove - Sorc
Sasha by Groove - Wizy
Vintage Littlest Pet Shop
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