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respositob's Doll Beds and Rooms - Updated 10/5/17 with more pictures

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My old thread about doll beds was locked, so I decided to make a new one. Plus, I've made a lot more beds since then. :)

So, about two years ago, I discovered this YouTuber:

Her name is Dolls, Toys, and Games Gal and she is AMAZING!!!! She makes homemade doll beds using Smooth Foam Blocks. So awhile ago I decided to go buy some crafting supplies and make some of my own. The first bed I made was for Rosabella Beauty. Over the past years, I've made tons of doll beds. I thought I'd share a few pics.

The bed starts out as a Smooth Foam Block from Michael's. Then you hot glue some fabric to the block to act as a bed sheet. Next you make a footboard and a headboard, then you make a blanket and pillow(s). Finally you add details, and: ta-da! You have your very own doll bed. You can find pics of mine on my Flickr:

I've recently added pictures of Wydowna Spider, Clawdia Wolf, and Apple White's beds.

I also got the idea from Dolls, Toys, and Games Gal to make rooms for my dolls. She buys shelves and glues on wallpaper and floors, but I don't have space for tons of shelves, so I decided to make the wallpaper and floors removable. Basically I glue the wallpaper and floors to foam board and Velcro the foam board to the shelves.

At least that's my idea now. I originally had the idea to make a foldable room I could insert into the shelves, using hinges for the foldable parts. Unfortunately, the hinges were too thick and the walls wouldn't fit. But, instead of redoing the whole thing, I just put the room on top of my shelves. But I'll be using the velcro method from now on. ;)

Anyways, I made a room for Clawdeen, Howleen, and Clawdia using the hinges method. You can find pictures of it near the end of my Flickr album.

Well, I hope you ghouls and mansters like them! I'll post more pictures as I make more beds (I'm currently working on Meeshell's :) ).

Whoa, You did an amazing job with the theme for each doll!


--- Quote from: Knightfire on May 06, 2017, 06:46:13 PM ---Whoa, You did an amazing job with the theme for each doll!

--- End quote ---

Thanks, Knightfire! So glad you liked what I've posted so far!

You really captured the look of each character really well.  Great job!

Thank you so much! I'll be posting more pictures today!


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