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Mainly right now more than anything, we're looking for a copy of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance for the Gamecube.  We've played or obtained all the other available games in the US (though I also want a complete Special Edition of Fates and sealed copies or physical copies of each game within our collection as well.)  If anyone who is still here happens to come across one at a yard sale, thrift store, game store, etc. and thinks of us, that'd be great.

My sister also would take most any art supplies or canvases, new or gently used, for her dolls.  She's really into painting as of late, so canvases, brushes, and paint would be preferred, but she also loves colored pencils like Prismacolor.

She has also discovered Castlevania and would trade her dolls for games, as well.  The only one we have is Dawn of Sorrow, so there's a lot of catch up to do.,14535.0.html Here is our sales thread, though we have some in box MH dolls, and a few EAH, not pictured.  There's also always cash.  We'd gladly pay what you paid, shipping, and a little extra for your time.  We're really not looking to pay eBay prices, just hoping that someone here, especially in a bigger town, might come across an FE game and think of us.  I do hear about people coming across it for $5 or $10 at thrift stores or yard sales, so there's hope!

I do have a new in box SDCC Valentine and Whisp missing the outer box.  I would consider trading them for Path of Radiance or perhaps a complete Fates Special Edition, but only that.

Val looks to have a bit of eye wonk to me, and the plastic holding Whisp into place snapped.  There's some box wear, but nothing drastic.

Knocked off some Christmas presents.


Updated a bit, mostly my sister's.  Want to get some better order to this later.

Re-organized a bit, I think it looks nice.


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