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So whatcha been buying?

I have gone crazy buying dolls lately since I heard they were changing.  These are my latest purchases:

Monster Exchange Draculaura
Finnegan Wake
Picture Day Spectra
Boo York Catty Noir
Boo York Mouscades
Swim Class Venus
I Heart Fashion Venus
Killer Style Frankie
Neightan Rot
Sirena Von Boo
Dot Dead Gorgeous Ghoulia
Dot Dead Gorgeous Operetta
Signature Operetta
Skull Shores Gil

And I have a few more I am wanting to buy when I get some funds :)

haunted rochelle from our very own mothra stewart.  :biggrin:

Sweet Screams Ghoula
haunted tywla
Scarrier reef lagoona
Snow Bite Draculara
Ghoul fair shara
field trip gi gi
Walmart three pack Mouscades, Luna and Elle Ee Dee.
Sig Elle Ee Dee from my fiance
Casta Fierce from my boss
and for EAH
Darling Charming
Mira shards.
(CRUD.. i need to get off my doll buying jag!)

I've just ordered Scare and Make-Up. :)


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