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Author Topic: Welcome to the Zombie Zone! Please read first!  (Read 3061 times)

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Welcome to the Zombie Zone! Please read first!
« on: July 14, 2013, 06:18:49 PM »
Welcome to the "Zombie Zone" Forum. If you have any type of serious physical or emotional real-life issue, feel free to post it here to get advice or just to vent. Or, as we say, to "moan and groan" in here.

This forum is meant to be a safe place for Arena members to discuss their problems. Members are encouraged to post in this forum if they can take on these issues in a mature manner. You are welcome to post in ZZ forum if you can offer advice without being judgmental or harsh in your replies. It is NOT OK for members to criticize other member's issues, choices or problems. While you may not agree, there is a way to get your point across that will benefit members instead of making them feel defensive. If you continually disregard this rule, you will be asked not to post in this forum anymore.

Please take things said here with a grain of salt. We are not experts by any means. Also, if you feel that you need more help, please seek a certified counselor or an adult in real-life whom you trust.

If you have any questions or problems, please PM one of the moderators here.

Your WYP Moderators
Click on their name to PM them.

Acceptable Words
While this forum can touch on sensitive issues, it is still a public forum and the same rules and language needs to be used here as on the rest of the boards. MH Arena is a PG-13 place, so basically if it can be said on network prime time television, it's okay and if it can't, it's not.

Although there is a "mature content" disclaimer in the forum description, it is for the subject matter, not the language used.

Some words will need to be taken in context of the situation ie: it is okay to "bitch" about something, but it is not okay to refer to someone as such.

The F-word and S-word are not okay.

For a definitive list, PM a moderator and we will get it to you ASAP.

Debates, Locked Topics, and Edited Posts
While we at MH Arena welcome debates and encourage members to voice their own opinions, please bear in  mind that flaming is not tolerated here in any way, shape or form. Occasionally, a topic will need to be locked. The moderators provide several opportunities for a thread to get back on track. If a subject continues to be out of hand, it will be locked. Unless you have, for some reason, been expressly given permission to start another topic about it by a moderator, any new topics started to continue the debate will also be locked. Moderators will leave a reason as to why the topic has been closed.

You may find that your post has been edited by a moderator due to inappropriate language or content. This is nothing personal against you, it just means that something you said didn't quite fit into the rules. :) You are welcome to repost the same idea in a way that does adhere to the rules.

Arena Policy Regarding Personal Donation Requests
Even though this forum can be used for your personal issues/problems, our policy is that no requests may be made for personal donations. Please note that this policy is for the entire MH Arena site.

When personal donation requests are made it puts our members in an awkward position and usually has a negative impact on the MH community.

This has been our policy for a long time but I wanted to choose a neutral time to put a reminder up. This thread is not meant to target anyone.

Thank you for your understanding.
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