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What's the last EAH thing you bought/received? Part II

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Part II!

I broke down and got Apple and her dragon since had them on sale. I also picked up Mirror Beach Ashlynn and Maddie as well as the Glass Slipper playset.

Thank you for mentioning that sale! I was this >< close to buying her on Amazon last night for 29.99, thank gawd I resisted, now I got her for $20.99 which is a GREAT price imo!!!

I bought several dolls because of TRU 30% off. I knew I shouldn't have gone into the store. Anyways, I got Book Party Kitty Cheshire and Ginger Breadhouse, Signature Cedar Wood, and Mirror Beach Apple White. I also picked up a Deerla at Walmart, but I had to go to two different stores (looking through ten dolls total) to find one who wasn't too wonky in the face and had both its ears/horns facing the correct way.

I got Book Party Kitty, Lizzie and Ginger. Fairest on Ice Duchess, Ashlynn and Poppy, Forest Pixies Harelow, Deerla and Featherly and Teenage Evil Queen!


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